Changing the Cannabis Industry, One Step at a Time.

Many of our laws and regulations have come about because someone had a bad experience and wanted to make sure no one else had to deal with the same thing they did. It is a beautiful way our government and culture works. We’ve seen this happen with:

  • Ingredients on food packaging
  • Car seat safety for children
  • Vehicle Emissions

And more.

It is one of the reasons SaveTheTerps.org was founded. “We have an opportunity to change how consumers think about the quality of the flower they buy and make a more informed choice,” says Sean Knutsen, founding member and CEO of Boveda.

“If we are able to come together and create a safer and stronger environment for our cannabis consumers, we can establish greater trust for consumers and regulators.”

There is a great deal of science and research that happens in the cannabis industry as it continues to grow. As more research reveals how to improve the experience of cannabis, it is critical there are processes for implementing new science.

SaveTheTerps.org is here to help make that possible. One step at a time.

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