Protect the Smell

SaveTheTerps.org exists to help consumers better understand the benefits of terpenes and create a movement in the cannabis industry to protect terpenes from evaporation.

It’s widely misunderstood that when you shop for cannabis, you gauge flower’s freshness by her smell (those terpenes). When in fact, if that aroma is too intense, those terpenes are being released too soon and your experience will suffer.

They’re evaporating. But shielding terpenes in a layer of moisture completely protects them—and the great smell you love—from evaporation. Read more about it in Terps and the Blog.

Cannabis brands and retailers, are you passionate about protecting terpenes to provide consumers with the highest quality experience? Get certified and display a “shield” of support. Assure customers you have the same passion they do about quality and protection.

Terpenes must be protected! Remember, if you can’t smell them at purchase, it means their scent is being preserved for grinding and consumption—the perfect timing.

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